Company Profile

Zexi Chemical is a professional service provider of chemical raw material. We are committed to building a professional supply chain based on titanium products. With the domestic first-class brand titanium dioxide as core business, providing high quality additives ,photoinitiators, fillers, titanium concentrates as well.

In early 2002, Zexi chemical established a trading company in Chengdu which focus on titanium dioxide products. As of today, we have established subsidiaries in Shanghai, Foshan, Chongqing, and Maryland. In order to provide application support and logistics services to customers, an application laboratory , professional chemical raw material warehouses and logistics distribution teams have been established in Chengdu, Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively. As the most influential chemical raw material service provider in Southwest China, our customers are located all over Southwest and coastal areas. Our products have been exporting to Russia, Italy, Greece, Egypt, South Korea, Georgia , Ivory Coast, United states, etc.

 We have a high quality and stable supply chain of chemical raw materials, and have established long-term strategic partnership with well-known domestic raw material manufacturers.

. The main products include:

Titanium dioxide: Jinzhou Titanium Industry, Shandong Doguide,Pangang Group, Tianlun Chemical, and the like.

Additives: Leveling agent, Wetting agent, Hand feeling agent, Defoaming agent, and the like.

Photoinitiators: TPO, TPOL, DETX, 184, 1173, BDK, 907, 819, and the like.

Titanium concentrate: Focus on titanium ore 10,15,20 in the Unique Panzhihua area.

In more than ten years, with the concept of integrity management, we have established long-term cooperative relationship with the world's largest paint manufacturer - Sherwin-Williams and a number of well-known domestic companies, and continually won high praise from our customers,duo to professional and efficient service.

We strive to build an international professional supply platform for chemical raw materials, and make continuous efforts for the development of multi- industries around the world to realize the value that Chinese manufacturers should have - create value for customers, provide opportunities for employees, increase wealth for the society.